About Breffni

Breffni has been involved in Real Estate acquisition, sales and marketing for over 30 years and  as a Washington state licensed agent for the past 20 years. His networking prowess, eclectic business acumen and evangelical style have fondly awarded him the title "Real Estate Crusader". Breffni devotes his efforts to both premier residential and commercial properties.

Born in Ireland, raised in Australia and educated in America, Breffni's diverse background has taught him to understand and appreciate the wants and needs of his clientele. His professional game plan for representing you, whether buying or selling property, is first rate; offering options that put you in control. You quickly come to realize his honest, positive and sincere approach is authentic. You will be glad to have his determination and tenacity in your corner. He is the Realtor who will give you the best in service, professionalism and trust. In addition, Breffni speaks fluent English, Japanese and Cantonese.

Early in his career Breffni enjoyed purchasing and remodeling apartment buildings in San Francisco, CA. In 1983, Breffni sold his possessions, bought a sail boat and spent the next seven years sailing the Pacific Ocean, from the Solomon Islands to Alaska; including Hawaii, Gilberts, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Guam, Sai Pan, Rota and Japan to name a few. During this time Breffni returned to Alaska each summer to fish for crab, salmon, and halibut. (Naknek, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor being three of his favorite places to be from...) While sailing the South Pacific, Breffni fell upon a run down resort hotel and tour company with great potential, but lacking management and money to create and expand. Together with two of his brothers Jim and Rory, the resort has since doubled room capacity & realized profits threefold. At the completion of that project Breffni sailed to Japan where he spent time honing his competitive and spiritual nature. Upon returning to Alaska one summer, Breffni met his wife Holly. After nearly 25,000 nautical miles and an alignment of the stars, one of the last captive adventurers was ready to settle.

Breffni and his wonderful wife Holly live on the Eastside with their three sons Reilly, Kavanagh and Cormac with vacation favorites being www.aspensnowmass.com and Piedmont www.piedmontplaces.com in NW Italy.

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